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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Most cases don't go to trial; most end in settlement. Throughout Mr. Kinne's career, he has helped clients achieve their objectives through negotiation as well as in the courtroom. Additionally, Mr. Kinne is a certified mediator and has served as an arbitrator under the auspices of the American Arbitration Association.

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a recognized specialty. Either through arbitration or mediation, avenues exist in which adversaries settle their differences with the help of a neutral party. In litigation, this often happens via a settlement conference, hosted by the judge or magistrate judge assigned to the case. Mr. Kinne has participated on behalf of litigants in dozens of settlement conferences, most of which have led to a satisfactory settlement of the dispute.

ADR is a valuable tool outside the courtroom, as well, and can be used by either (a) litigants or (b) parties who have not yet resorted to litigation but still have serious differences to settle. Mr. Kinne has appeared at several ADR proceedings, both during litigation and as an alternative to litigation.

Recently, Mr. Kinne served as an Arbitrator in a proceeding conducted under the rules and administration of the American Arbitration Association. Previously, he had organized, convened and chaired an arbitration panel in a less formal setting. Mr. Kinne has also earned certification from the DePaul University College of Law Center for Dispute Resolution as a mediator.

Relying on his years of litigation experience, Mr. Kinne offers mediation and arbitration services to adversaries who have a genuine interest in resolving their differences outside the courtroom and who can benefit from the help of a neutral person knowledgeable about patents, patent disputes and other commercial disputes.

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